Guiding Values & Principles

gaipa has defined a set of values and principles that guide our work and decision making processes. We will strive to honour these, but will have to accept that we might not manage this 100%ly at every stage of development.


Transparency is a critical ingredient of our work in all our activities.


Collaboration and Cooperation are core elements of our approach.

Equal Opportunities

We believe equal opportunities for all people are not only the best basis for development, but an entitlement.


We meet on par with our partners and users. We are all important stakeholders in the gaipa eco-system, with knowledge, strength and weaknesses.


We strive to attain sustainability in all our actions; socially, ecologically and economically.


Every user and stakeholder is at every level of activity able to decide the level of engagement or sharing of information.

Participation and Shareholding

We believe in active engagement and sharing of knowledge. This has to reflect in sharing the successes as well. Therefore, active participation should reflect in shareholding.

Human Rights

The universal Human Rights provide a guiding compass for gaipa.

Animal Rights

Animals play a vital role in our societies and their rights should be respected.


We support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and our work directly supports their attainment.


We understand the importance of markets in running our economies. Through asymmetries markets lose their effectiveness and lead to negative effects.

We foster diversity (reduce monopolies) as a means for sustainability and, therefore, aim to strengthen the position of small-scale farmers.