gaipa Prototype

We have developed the gaipa prototype, based on interviews conducted in India and Zambia in March and April 2018. The key element is the farming cycle, which shows farmers‘ activities as a continuous cycle. Our test showed this as an appealing and logical entry point for farmers. It is followed by a step-by-step guide for farmers to find a solution or information they are looking for. Farmers in developing countries are used to such an approach from USSD services, such as recharging their phone or using information service on feature phones (pre smart phone generation).

gaipa farming cycle:

Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-09 um 09.40.47.png

Currently, farmers around the globe use chat groups in various formats to exchange information and on experiences. gaipa provides also a forum, which allows farmers to share their experiences and information. With gaipa they are now able to search this information and find it well structured following the same pattern like all other information in the gaipa community.

The user experiences and information will be enhanced through our Information Partners, who will present scientifically validated agricultural information. Farmers can crosscheck and exchange before deciding for the best option.

The information on farming practices will be assisted by information about locally available products and services or instructions how to build equipment. Companies or individuals providing services and products can register with gaipa and manage their own content. They will also follow the structure provided by gaipa.

The app web-app can be accessed via